Focused On Land and Water Conservation, Forest Management and The Preservation of Threatened Species

“Palmer Land Trust is fortunate to work in one of the most unique regions of Colorado. We work hard to protect abundant outdoor recreation, multi-generational working farms and ranches, and breathtaking scenic vistas, not just for today, but for future generations. We’re incredibly thankful for the support we receive from the Trinchera Blanca Foundation, which helps us protect the beauty and economy of southern Colorado through land conservation.” – Rebecca Jewett, Palmer Land Trust Executive Director

THE TRINCHERA BLANCA AND TERCIO FOUNDATIONS, The Moore Charitable Foundation’s Colorado affiliates, are committed to protecting and improving the land, habitat and quality of life in Colorado’s San Luis Valley and surrounding regions.

The Foundations have a long and established history of supporting numerous land conservation initiatives in southern Colorado, with a specific focus on the preservation of large open space and the protection of land in perpetuity through conservation easements. Both Foundations also actively support many other educational and community organizations in the region. From championing important conservation corridors that connect landscapes and prevent fragmentation to conducting forest management trainings with U.S. Forest Service staff, to providing college scholarships for local students, The Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations are proud community partners and are among the largest philanthropic partners in the region.

Below are more details on the support Louis Bacon has provided to Southern Colorado.

Preserving Open Space and Wildlife Management

The preservation of open lands and undisturbed wilderness to protect Colorado’s natural heritage, identity and wildlife species is a major focus of The Foundations’ partnerships in this region. From private forests to public places, ranches, grasslands, farms and other undeveloped lands – The Trinchera and Tercio Foundations work with organizations such as Colorado Open Lands that are dedicated to open spaces and the management of dependent wildlife species and habitats. This works in conjunction to the state’s preservation efforts, natural resource management, populations and new development growth, and the promotion of the public benefits of open space.

Land Trusts and Conservation Easements

The Foundations provide support to land trusts to help conserve thousands of acres of open space in Colorado, specifically through conservation easements and the creation of wildlife and conservation corridors – connected areas of undisturbed wilderness. Partnering with groups such as Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts, The Foundations strive toward uniting Colorado’s conservation community, providing the skills and tools necessary for advocates and landowners to enact meaningful change.

Forest Management and Wildfire Protection

Forests in Southern Colorado are overgrown and at risk for catastrophic wildfire. Dedicated to the promotion of best practices for forest-management, The Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations support groups working on forest management, as they are critical to reducing risk of unnatural fire and improving wildlife habitat.

Environmental/Conservation Education

Strengthening environmental stewardship is a driving priority for Louis Bacon, and The Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations provide ongoing support for continuing education programs to enact conservation strategies. Through organizations such as the Rio Grande Watershed Conservation and Education Initiative, The Foundations promote conservation education teaching stewardship of the land and the importance of safeguarding threatened resources.

Community Support

The Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations engage Colorado’s San Luis Valley and surrounding regions through grants to integral organizations such as local conservation groups, food banks, public libraries, cultural and historical festivals, school districts and historic museums:

  • Funding for school supplies, local scholarships, and educational programs such as Head Start and 4-H to increase opportunities available for the San Luis Valley region’s youth.
  • The Foundations provide assistance to public health and safety organizations, including search and rescue services, local Costilla County Fire Protection District, and even hospice and palliative care facilities.
  • Mariachi San Luis is just one of the local cultural programs supported by The Trinchera Blanca Foundation. The Foundation’s assistance enables Mariachi San Luis to teach children and adults the history and music of the Mariachi.

Read more about The Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations partners here.

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