Protecting Long Island’s Waterways and Safeguarding Threatened Wildlife Through Habitat Restoration

“Thank you for what you all do every day to help us protect and restore our region’s beautiful and vulnerable natural resources.” – Bob Deluca, President, Group for the East End

LOUIS BACON AND THE ROBINS ISLAND FOUNDATION, the Long Island affiliate of The Moore Charitable Foundation, recognize the importance of protecting New York’s breathtaking coastlines, diverse wildlife habitats and historic landscapes so that individuals today and in generations to come can enjoy and study this unparalleled environment.

The Foundation’s mission focuses primarily on water protection, land preservation and habitat improvement. From protecting critical conservation lands through donated conservation easements to safeguarding Long Island’s waterways and supporting habitat protection programs, Louis Bacon and The Robins Island Foundation have built a thriving partnership that works hand in hand with the community.

Clean Water Advocacy

Partnering with Peconic Baykeeper in their clean water mission, The Foundation supports the protection and improvement of the aquatic ecosystems of the Peconic and South Shore estuaries of Long Island. Efforts primarily focus on conservation and management projects, public education, research initiatives, and an environmental review of projects and activities that threaten the vitality and health of the bays, such as sprawl or unsustainable development.

Balancing Development and Building Protection Programs

Advocating for responsible development practices and coastal management policies, The Foundation partners with the Group for the East End to protect and restore Long Island’s fragile coastal environment through education, citizen action and advocacy. Group President Bob DeLuca hailed The Foundation as “a leader in the strategic development of our entire organization (that) has helped us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our environmental protection programs and expanded our ability to inspire others to embrace the kind of conservation ethic that is needed to achieve a sustainable future.”

Land, Habitat and Natural Resource Preservation

Peconic Baykeeper is the only independent, not-for-profit advocate solely dedicated to the protection and improvement of the aquatic ecosystems of the Peconic and South Shore estuaries of Long Island. Its clean water mission is advanced through conservation and management initiatives, public education, research and monitoring, and environmental reviews of potentially damaging projects and activities. Peconic Baykeeper may also advocate in the face of legal violations that threaten water quality or undermine protection of natural resources. In 1997, Peconic Baykeeper became the 19th keeper organization to be sanctioned by Waterkeeper Alliance.

Community Support

The Robins Island Foundation and Louis Bacon are proud to support the vitality of communities on Eastern Long Island and their role as environmental stewards. Initiatives include advocacy, research, habitat-preservation, and environmental-education programs at the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center on Long Island. Additionally, The Foundation has underwritten one of The Nature Conservancy’s programs to offer a rigorous and transformative student internship on Long Island as part of the Environmental Leadership Center’s Internship Program at Warren Wilson College.

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