Uniting our partners and furthering conservation, clean energy, and clean water initiatives across the country

Nationally and in the New York City Region, The Moore Charitable Foundation and Louis Bacon recognize the importance of ensuring a clean water supply for all and land conservation and protection. MCF also remains deeply committed to fostering future conservation leaders, from high school students to university scholars and beyond by supporting diverse environmental education programs and institutions.

From the Hudson River to parks and schools around New York City, to open spaces and oceans, The Foundation focuses on championing and securing the future of our natural world.

Clean Water and Marine Advocacy

The Moore Charitable Foundation partners with non-profit organizations as they fulfill their clean water missions, from restoring oceans to establishing marine reserves and constraining overfishing, to patrolling and advocating for the vitality of waterways and rivers in New York. Strategic partners include Oceans5, Oceania, National Fish Riverkeeper Alliance, and the Waterkeeper Alliance.

Land and Open Space conservation

The Moore Charitable Foundation supports the permanent protection of scenic, historic, and natural landscapes for public recreation, wildlife and habitat survival, livelihoods of surrounding communities. Partners such as the Land Trust Alliance work to ensure the permanence of conservation through easement legislation – a critical component to ensuring open space and connecting conservation corridors to prevent fragmentation.

Environmental Education and Experiences

The Moore Charitable Foundation supports all levels of environmental education through funding for traditional classrooms and field programs, fellowships, and public centers of learning. Programs range from the Billion Oyster Project and The New York Harbor School to the Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Program to a Fellowship at Harvard Kennedy School of Government for emerging environmental leaders and scholars, The Foundation realizes Louis Bacon’s conviction that the deliberate study, investigation, and experience of the environment are necessary to making intelligent and compassionate decisions to take care of our earth.

Education, Health and the Arts

Beyond environmental conservation and justice, The Moore Charitable Foundation is additionally focused on education, health and the arts.

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