Focused on marine and bird species research, conservation, and policy

“Without a doubt, as we interact with the teachers, students and families who participate in Aulas Verdes, the motivations that spurred us to start the program all those years ago are reinvigorated: we continue to be inspired to help shape future conservation leaders, one school at a time. With the help of the Islas Secas Foundation, we can’t wait to begin the Aulas Verdes program in Chiriquí.”- Rosabel Miró, Executive Director, Panama Audubon

ISLAS SECAS IS A SMALL ARCHIPELAGO of jungle-covered volcanic islands in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor of Panama. The Moore Charitable Foundation’s local affiliate, The Islas Secas Foundation (ISF), supports bird and marine species research and conservation as well as efforts to protect threatened wildlife and rainforest habitat. Strategic partners in the area include Marviva, Oceans 5, Sociedad Audubon de Panamá, Panacetacea, Panthera and Rainforest Foundation.

From safeguarding Coiba National Park marine reserve to establishing new shark sanctuaries and progressive fishing regulations, to protecting Green Emerald hummingbird habitats, ISF is committed to both the study and stewardship of nature.

Marine Conservation

The Islas Secas Foundation supports the preservation and protection of marine areas and species through research, policy and enforcement.

  • Marine species research (whales): Whale research provides a window into the health and vitality of our ocean. ISF supports high-caliber scientific studies on marine mammal biology around Panama. The resulting data and insights lead to educational and outreach activities to help ensure protection of whales.
  • IUU fishing: Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing is a severe problem, threatening fragile ecosystems and sustainable fisheries critical to the economies and food security of dependent coastal communities. The Foundation supports strengthening enforcement policies and raising awareness of conservation threats in order to eliminate IUU fishing activities around Panama.
  • Advocating for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): MPAs are protected ocean areas where human activity is more strictly regulated to further conservation goals. The Foundation and its partners focus on mitigating disturbances to marine life and promoting regulations to prevent the further destruction of oceans and protect at risk species.

Coiba National Park Marine Reserve

Coiba National Park is a marine reserve off Panama’s Pacific coast. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, Coiba National Park offers rich and well-preserved natural resources. In concert with the Panamanian government, researchers and legislators alike, The Foundation works to protect and preserve the land and safeguard this pristine area from poaching, illegal logging and other trespasses.

Shark Sanctuaries

Sharks are a vital component in the health of ocean ecosystems. The Islas Secas Foundation is committed to supporting the protection of sharks from finning and other threats. In partnership with The Pew Charitable Trust, The Foundation has supported the creation of a large shark sanctuary in Panama – a long-term closure of shark fisheries accompanied by restrictions on the sale, trade, and transport of sharks – an important step in shark conservation efforts in the region.

Habitat Conservation

The corridor that runs from the Pacific slope of Costa Rica to Panama has a unique rainforest that supports migratory bird species, and The Foundation is committed habitat protection and research to help secure their future. One specific program centers on the threatened Garden Emerald hummingbirds and bolstering their habitat and food sources by distributing feeders and restoring nesting areas.


Partnering with organizations such as The Rainforest Foundation, The Islas Secas Foundation supports the incredibly rich biodiversity of the rainforest through the protection of remaining tropical forest and mangroves.

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