Impact Story 13: The Crystal Coast Waterkeeper: Upholding the Environmental and Economic Integrity of North Carolina’s “Gem”

Posted April 13, 2017

In January 2016 Waterkeeper Alliance announced an important addition to its North Carolina team, focused on the protection and support of healthy water in and around Carteret County: Larry Baldwin as Crystal Coast Waterkeeper (CCWK). The area’s rich history, beautiful beaches and a culture of coastal recreation make these 85 miles of North Carolina coastline a magnet for people – and threatens the fragile ecosystems and the Bogue, Back, and Core Sounds and the creeks and streams that drain into them and adjacent offshore waters.

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina: The Crystal Coast
Atlantic Beach, North Carolina: The Crystal Coast

The Orton Foundation, affiliate of The Moore Charitable Foundation has recently partnered with Crystal Coast Waterkeeper as it advocates for the environmental and economic integrity of the area. Water quality is vital to tourism, commercial and recreational fishing and quality of life; CCWK fights against a myriad of threats: offshore drilling, sewage discharge into local waters, pollution that threatens oysters, irresponsible developments, etc.

Larry Baldwin himself is a boon to the area. As the former Lower Neuse Riverkeeper (New Bern, NC) and NC CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) Coordinator for Waterkeeper Alliance, he brings direct action to communities affected by factory farming. We are proud not only to support the CCWK, but to continue to work alongside Larry with his deep institutional knowledge, kind hand and critical, future-facing insights in addressing the stranglehold that industrial agriculture has on our environment and our communities.

Larry Baldwin, Waterkeeper Alliance from Powering a Nation on Vimeo.