Preserving Open Spaces To Ensure Access To Our Most Precious Natural Resources For Future Generations

“The Moore Charitable Foundation’s support has helped empower us to expanded our policy initiatives, build effective land trusts, develop strong conservation leaders and engage people to ensure land conservation remains relevant in our communities. The Land Trust Alliance is most grateful for this generous support and for the Foundation’s continued commitment to land conservation.” – Mary Pope Hutson, former Land Trust Alliance Executive Vice President

THE MOORE CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is committed to conserving open spaces in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Long Island, New York and North Carolina. As a lifelong outdoorsman and conservationist, Louis Bacon believes in the importance of safeguarding our natural environment, diverse species and abundant ecosystems for future generations. Open spaces preservation protects critical wetlands, forests and grasslands, as well as local economies and the quality of life in nearby communities. MCF furthers this open space mandate across the country by partnering with national conservation organizations and local land trusts.

Land Trusts and Conservation Education

In partnership with the Land Trust Alliance and local groups such as Colorado Open Lands, North Carolina Coastal Land Trust, and the North Shore Land Trust in Eastern Long Island, MCF aims to increase the pace, quality and permanence of land conservation through advocacy and policy change. MCF also supports outreach and education programs that enhance land stewardship by providing conservation training to landowners, local communities and future leaders.

Conservation Easements

One of the most effective and powerful tools for conserving private land, conservation easements – agreements between landowner and a land trust or government agency of varying sorts – limit uses of the land in order to protect it in perpetuity, often providing public benefits while continuing to allow landowners to own and use their land consistent with the conservation objectives. In partnership with land trusts and conservation partners such as The Nature Conservancy, MCF is committed to advancing the use of conservation easements to protect landscapes from urban sprawl, unwanted development, and the fragmentation of open spaces, protecting land for many generations to come.

Read more about MCF’s open space partnerships nationally and in Colorado.

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