The Western Landowners Alliance (WLA)

The Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) advances policies and practices to sustain working lands, connected landscapes, and native species. WLA serves as a network of landowners committed to sustaining working landscapes, vibrant communities, and healthy fish and wildlife populations.

The WLA is led by large and small landowners and advised by conservation science and natural resource practitioners, and is inclusive of other regional land partnerships, including collaborative conservation groups and land trusts. They seek to promote solid working relationships across fences with other private, state, federal and tribal land managers. They share a community of interest and practice committed to achieving long-term economic vitality, healthy and connected landscapes, and abundant fish and wildlife on managed lands in western North America. These lands provide for prosperous rural businesses and critical ecological services.

WLA is based on the knowledge that private lands in the western United States encompass the most valuable lands, critical to sustaining water, soil, fish, wildlife and other vital natural resources. They recognize that the private landowner is the most critical manager for long-term, sustainable and healthy landscapes.

The WLA value proposition is as follows:

  • Advocate for land management policies that translate into good economic and environmental outcomes;
  • Provide access to a network of land management resources, including best management practices for conservation and business, technical know-how, and best-applied science;
  • Create a forum for land managers, land owners, and others to discuss issues of interest, from policy to land practices;
  • Facilitate participation in larger regional collaboratives;
  • Create a center of excellence for promoting stewardship of private lands, and cross-fence cooperation;
  • Provide a powerful collaboration connecting landscapes and the people who care for them.

Louis Bacon and The Trinchera Blanca Foundation are proud to support the Western Landowners Alliance as they advocate for long-term sustainability in the western landscapes.

Learn more about the Western Landowners Alliance here.