Waterkeeper Alliance

“We are grateful for the support of The Moore Charitable Foundation, which has allowed us to significantly advance
our Pure Farms, Pure Waters campaign in North Carolina. By holding the swine, dairy and poultry corporations
accountable for the pollution produced by their operations, we are making progress toward clean
and healthy waterways and communities throughout the state.” 
– Marc Yaggi, Executive Director

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of the world's fastest growing grassroots environmental movement, Waterkeeper Alliance
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of the world’s fastest growing grassroots environmental movement, Waterkeeper Alliance

Waterkeeper Alliance (WKA) is the world’s fastest growing environmental movement, empowering local Waterkeepers to patrol rivers, lakes and coastal waterways across 6 continents. As a founding supporters of Waterkeeper Alliance, Louis Bacon and The Moore Charitable Foundation have helped Waterkeeper Alliance grow from 35 organizations in 1999 to over 250 today. With continued support, WKA plans to reach 500 Waterkeepers by 2018.

Pure Farms, Pure Water
Waterkeeper Alliance is currently leading a strategic campaign to address the destructive industrial meat processing industry and implement regulatory change across North Carolina in order to protect the environment, public, and family farmers. WKA supports food production systems that protect water quality and are responsible for waste management solutions.

Working closely with eight local Riverkeepers and other partners, Waterkeeper Alliance is implementing an unprecedented statewide effort to regulate pollution from the swine, poultry and dairy facilities, which are devastating rivers, lakes and estuaries across the state. This multifaceted strategy includes:

  • Targeted investigations and enforcement actions against North Carolina concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)
  • Administrative challenges to state and federal regulatory schemes that are supportive to CAFOs
  • Strategic partnerships and coordinated advocacy efforts with other statewide and national organizations
  • Media and outreach campaigns to attract public attention to pollution issues

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