Sea Turtle Conservancy

A recent Sea Turtle Conservancy project, supported in part by The Moore Charitable Foundation, involved a sea turtle research, education and community-outreach project focused on Clifton Bay and adjoining marine areas in New Providence, The Bahamas. The objectives of the project are to: 1) Fill critical gaps in knowledge about sea turtles occurring within Clifton Bay and adjacent marine sites around New Providence; 2) Generate broad awareness and support for the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats around New Providence, particularly within Clifton Bay; and 3) Build conservation capacity in The Bahamas by providing hands-on research and conservation training to Bahamian students.

Sea Turtle for more than a decade, Sea Turtle Conservancy has partnered with The Moore Charitable Foundation on a variety of projects benefitting the people and the wildlife of The Bahamas, beginning with our successful campaign to protect critical coastal and cultural resources by establishing Clifton National Park, and more recently through our efforts to build the capacity for marine and coastal stewardship in The Bahamas.”
– David Godfrey, Executive Director, Sea Turtle Conservancy

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