San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council

The mission of the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council (SLVEC) is blancto protect and restore biological diversity and natural ecosystem and resources of the Upper Rio Grande bioregion, balancing ecological values and human demands through research, education, and advocacy.

SLVEC working group members address issues such as:

  • Energy development on public lands surrounding the SLV
  • Protection of roadless areas around the village at Wolf Creek
  • Travel management planning on public lands
  • Environmental health risk assessment within the SLV with Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE)
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – public outreach on asthma and associated triggers, radon gas, dust, smoke and preventative measures
  • Monitoring oil and gas exploration in San Juan Mountains Watershed with San Francisco Creek Working Group
  • Solar master planning in SLV
  • Healthy living park at Alamosa Ranch

Louis Bacon and The Trinchera Blanca Foundation are proud to support the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council.

Learn more about the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council here.