Rivers and Birds

Web.%20Home%20photo%20Williams%20L.%20Boyscouts3[1]Rivers & Birds provides conservation education programs in New Mexico. TSVF supports the Watershed Learning Project, 9-day fun, memorable and creative learning experiences in nature for public school fifth grade students. Students gain appreciation and awareness of the diversity of life around them and learn to value the need for conservation. In this program students begin to realize their power as individuals to make a positive difference in the world. Leadership principles are skillfully integrated throughout the curriculum. This educational experience includes: Three days in classroom laboratories learning the properties of water and its effects in nature; Six days in nature exploring water issues in different environmental and cultural contexts; and Mentoring by local resource specialists (e.g. archaeologists, fire ecologists, geologists, wildlife biologists, biologist, mayordomos, Native American biologists, and town managers).

“The Rivers & Birds Program provides activities that supplement and enrich classroom curriculum. Through this program, my students are kept engaged in a healthy learning environment that will follow them into the future.” -Priscilla Romo, Fifth Grade Teacher Enos Garcia Elementary Taos, New Mexico

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