Oceans 5

Oceans 5 is a global funder’s collaborative committed to protecting the world’s oceans. Through direct grants and strategic guidance, Oceans 5 focuses on projects and campaigns to constrain overfishing and to establish marine reserves. Current projects include: Protecting Remote British Overseas Territories, Regulating Deep Sea Mining, Reducing Unsustainable Shark Trade, Creating a Marine Park in the Cook Islands, Constraining Illegal Fishing in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, Protecting Niue, Improving China’s Domestic Fisheries, Protecting the Seychelles, Protecting Russia’s Arctic, Expanding Pacific Remote Islands Monument, Controlling Illegal Fishing in Europe, Protecting the Phoenix Islands, Protecting Canada‚Äôs Northwest Passage, Protecting Antarctica, Improving Seafood Traceability, and Strengthening High Seas Governance.

MCF support has been used to strengthen fisheries enforcement in Panama. In partnership with Conservation International and Marviva, O5 works to increase governmental, civil society and private sector attention to IUU. Together these partners have established an Inter-Institutional Platform for fisheries enforcement, since incorporated in new Panamanian environmental law. There has also been a 67% reduction in prosecution time for illegal fishing cases originating in Coiba and the Gulf of Chiriqui.

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