North Carolina Coastal Federation

“The support from The Orton Foundation enables us to engage the community and experts in a constructive dialogue for how to best balance the economy and environmental needs of the lower Cape Fear River region.” – Todd Miller, Executive Director

North Carolina Coastal Federation empowers coastal residents and visitors from all walks of life to protect and restore the water quality and critically important natural habitats of the N.C. coast. The federation is the state’s only private, non-profit organization focused exclusively on protecting and restoring the N.C. coast through advocacy, education and habitat preservation and restoration.

Signs celebrate the victory against Titan Cement
Signs celebrate the victory against Titan Cement

The Successful Fight to Stop Titan Cement
In 2008, New Hanover County commissioners and the State of North Carolina quietly offered public financial incentives to a billion dollar Greek-owned company, Titan America, to establish what would be one of the largest cement manufacturing factories in the U.S. In response, community members joined forces with conservation organizations to actively oppose the proposed facility. Within a year, the Stop Titan Action Network (STAN) formed. The fiscal agent and coordinator for the STAN campaign was the N.C. Coastal Federation.

For eight year, the federation coordinated the work of the numerous partner organizations and thousands of concerned residents. Finally, in March 2016, Titan America announced their decision to shut down plans. Now, in order to ensure better environmental safeguards and the implementation of clear development regulations, NCCF is championing a Model Industrial Development Special Use Permit (SUP) process recently adopted by the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners, Planning Board, and County Manager. The SUP is a tool to vet proposals for new industrial uses and evaluate the potential effects on the community by creating a more comprehensive, and public review process for the few heavy polluting industries with great potential for adverse impacts, while removing unnecessary impediments for the vast majority of industries recognized as being desirable additions to the community.

Loopholes remain in the revised law. The Orton Foundation encourages New Hanover County elected officials and residents to continue to support a proposed tightening of the SUP that provides tougher safeguards and disclosure while still promoting an economically and environmentally sustainable future with clean air, clean water and clean jobs for everyone.

Other Projects
The Coastal Federation engages students and volunteers in hands-on activities to restore important habitats coast-wide. In 2016, nearly 1,000 people pitched in to plant wetlands, build oyster reefs, create rain gardens, and more.

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