North Carolina Catch

“This funding will provide the critical seed to help Brunswick Catch demonstrate how commercial fishermen can connect with markets that are new to them, and generate increased revenues that will keep North Carolina’s fishing communities and their traditions alive for future generations. Thank you so much for the good news, the partnership and the investment in our coastal economy and ecosystems!” – Mikki Sager, Board Member

NC Catch has released updated 2017 seafood market guides. One market guide has been created for North Carolina's coastal counties and a separate guide lists inland retailers. Funding for the brochure was made possible by NC Growing Together, an initiative funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA.
NC Catch has released updated 2017 seafood market guides.

North Carolina Catch strengthens the North Carolina seafood economy through promotion and education. They educate consumers on the importance of buying local seafood, how to support robust seafood economy and culture as well as how to identify, prepare, and store seafood. NC Catch additionally promotes commercial fishing as a sustainable profession deeply rooted in North Carolina’s heritage and future. They support the seafood industry opportunities and job growth.

Brunswick Catch is an affiliate organization created by a group of local commercial fishermen, seafood dealers, and restaurant owners to promote and highlight the Brunswick County seafood industry.

The Orton Foundation supports NC Catch’s efforts to educate chefs, restauranteurs and market owners about the seasonal availability and flavor profiles of familiar and underused fish; develop campaigns to encourage consumers; and publicize at public events, farmers markets and seafood markets.