New York Harbor School

Since it began in 2007, the Billion Oyster Project has been working with students of the New York Harbor School to restore oysters to the Harbor. Harbor School is a public school with a curriculum built around six Career and Technical Education programs, each of which is designed to train students in a set of technical skills and ecological principles that will enable them to take their place as good stewards of the Harbor. Oyster restoration is the framework for this unique form of ecological education.

Most recently, in partnership with The Moore Charitable Foundation, the school has worked with students to complete a solid and successful season of restoration at the Project’s primary research reef, just off the coast of Governors Island. The reef is a microcosm of the Billion Oyster Project as a whole. Through the process of building, maintaining and monitoring it, students are gathering information, working through difficulties, and refining the techniques that will enable larger-scale restoration projects throughout the region.

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