Group for the East End

The Robins Island Foundation, The Moore Charitable Foundation’s regional affiliate, has been a strategic partner in the design, development and deployment of the most comprehensive clean water action campaign ever undertaken on Long Island. Through the Foundation’s support, Group for the East End (GFEE) has been empowered to galvanize key environmental stakeholders from all across Long Island to launch a strategic and collaborative campaign protecting and restoring Long Island’s declining supply of drinking water and surface water resources.

Through this effort, and working in collaboration with partners and other foundations, GFEE has successfully pressed elected leaders to make clean water a top priority and secured new commitments for hundreds of millions of dollars in expanded water quality protection, monitoring, wastewater treatment, land preservation, and local clean water action projects. In addition, the Foundation’s partnership has allowed GFEE to expand community education and outreach programs on water quality to schools across eastern Long Island, so that the region’s future leaders and decision-makers will develop a strong and science-based understanding of the critical role clean water plays in the health and vitality of the region’s environment, quality of life, and local economy.

Group for the East End’s broader mission is to protect and restore the environment of eastern Long Island through education, citizen action, and professional advocacy.

“The Robins Island Foundation is a remarkable force for environmental conservation throughout eastern Long Island, blending a deep and abiding passion for the environment with a strategic expertise for investing in people to develop projects and organizations that get lasting results. At Group for the East End, The Foundation’s vision and support has been nothing less than transformative in developing and focusing our own strategic goals, expanding the impact of our programs, and strengthening the strategic communications that are so critical to educating and mobilizing public action in defense of the environment.”
– Robert S. DeLuca, President and CEO, Group for the East End

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