Conservation Colorado

Conservation Colorado’s mission is centered on mobilizing citizens and conservation-minded policymakers to protect Colorado’s environment and quality of life. Born out of the Colorado Environmental Coalition and Colorado Conservation Voters – Conservation Colorado is a grassroots, statewide organization working to protect Colorado’s air, land, water, and people. It represents the next chapter in the efforts to protect Colorado’s precious environment.

Conservation Colorado has a long and successful history in Colorado collaborating on pressing environmental issues – working collectively at the State Capitol as well as establishing strategic partnerships across all levels:

  • Ensuring protection for more than three million acres of wilderness;
  • Setting a statewide renewable energy standard at 30%, one of the highest standards in the country;
  • Minimizing impacts from oil and gas drilling by updating public health, drinking water and wildlife protections;
  • Passing more than 130 conservation bills at the state legislature in the past six years on a host of environmental issues ranging from water efficiency to air quality, to energy efficiency and transit;
  • Supporting pro-conservation candidates and holding elected officials in the State Legislature, Governor’s Office, and local government councils and commissions accountable to environmental concerns.

As Conservation Colorado looks forward, critical issues include addressing climate change, transitioning to a clean energy future, protecting rivers and outdoor heritage, and saving the few remaining public wildlands. These priorities require engaging Colorado citizens and policy makers in new ways to preserve Colorado for future generations.

Louis Bacon and The Trinchera Blanca Foundation are proud to support Conservation Colorado. Learn more here.