• Protecting Precious Land in Colorado
    Trinchera Blanca Foundation
  • Preserving North Carolina’s Eastern Forests, Water and Threatened Habitats
    Orton Foundation
  • Louis Bacon Receives Prestigious Award for Environmental Conservation
    2013 Audubon Medal
  • Promoting Environmental Conservation Education and Stewardship in The Bahamas
    Moore Bahamas Foundation

“It is so important to protect and preserve those physical things that truly define a community –– however tough the fight.”

- Louis Bacon, Founder & Chairman

Partner Spotlight

The Sierra Club

The Moore Charitable Foundation is proud to support The Sierra Club, the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. As champions of wilderness protection and clean energy, The Sierra Club has been integral in helping to pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. They have worked diligently to make progress on their #BeyondCoal campaign, specifically in North Carolina, which aims to replace dirty coal plants with clean energy alternatives. Their monumental efforts have clearly paid off—they recently closed the 200th plant, marking a major milestone. Their success proves that a community-based grassroots effort can create a huge ripple effect around the country and successfully move the needle for a cleaner world.

Our Mission

The Moore Charitable Foundation, founded by lifelong conservationist Louis Bacon in 1992, is a family foundation that works to preserve and protect natural resources for future generations. Ann Colley, Director of Public Relations and Charitable Giving at Moore Capital Management, is the Executive Director and Vice President.
The Foundation and its affiliates support non-profit organizations that work to protect land, habitat, and water resources in specific geographic priority areas including Southern Colorado, Long Island, Eastern North Carolina and The Bahamas. Affiliates include Trinchera Blanca Foundation, Robins Island Foundation, Orton Foundation, Moore Bahamas Foundation and Tercio Ranch Foundation.